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The 20th China International Electronic Circuits Exhibition

Number of visits: Date:5/10/2011

Twentieth China International Electronic Circuits Exhibition (CPCA SHOW 2011) will be 15-17 March 2011 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.
 The exhibition includes:
 R printed circuit board manufacturing, equipment, raw materials and chemicals;
 R electronic assembly equipment, raw materials, electronic manufacturing services and contract manufacturing;
 R water treatment technology and equipment;
 R clean room technology and equipment.
 At the same time will introduce new technology to print and electronic display area, and more colleges and universities will participate and join the Industry Alliance.
CPCA SHOW will continue to work with EP CHINA, SEMICON CHINA held over the same period, CPCA Show 2011, we expect new products, new technologies, new ideas for a new round of electronics manufacturing industry, the development of a tremendous impetus.

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